AData SSD Series (Please refer to models below)

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Meeting growing demand for TLC SSD, ADATA's Premier SP550 is equipped with TLC flash and an SMI controller, providing users an affordable upgrade without sacrificing performance. Featuring LDPC ECC Engine (Low Density Parity Check ECC), RAID Engine, and Data Shaping, the Premier SP550 ensures data integrity and maintains high stability. It also features ultra-high TBW (Total Bytes Written) for superior durability. Additionally, it supports SLC Caching and DDR3 DRAM Cache Buffer, dramatically improving read/write speeds. If you're looking for an upgrade with a superior cost-performance ratio, the Premier SP550 is undoubtedly an ideal choice! List of models available below : SU650-240G SU800-128G SU800-256G SU800-512G SU800-1TB SU900-128 SU900-256 SU900-512 SU900-1TB SU900-2TB SX7000-256G SX7000-512G SX8000-256G SX8000-512G SX8000-1TB SU800 M.2-128G SU800 M.2-256G SU800 M.2-512G SU800 M.2-1TB Do contact us for pricing and MOQ.

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