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Data Recovery Diagnostics Service

SGD 100.00

Having troubles recovering your precious or critical due to damage or not readable ? For only S$ 100, we give you diagnostics of your media with report for it. And we will furnish you with quotation on the price of recovery. With the report, if you proceed with the recovery, the diagnostics fee of S$ 100.00 that you paid will be deducted back to you. In 3 EASY Steps below : Step 1 : Copy the URL : "" to fill up the form, so that we can know more details of your media. Step 2 : We will contact you for mailing of your media to us using only SingPost Registered Mail which you let us know tracking number, with payment for diagnostic, done either online via our e-store, bank transfer or a cheque made payable to "PC Sifu". Step 3 : Once we receive the media and payment, we will work on it to furnish you with a diagnostic report and quotation for recovery. Note : If we do not receive payment (for either diagnostic or recovery) within 5 to 7 working days, we will mail back the media to your address given.

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