Intel i5 Series Desktop Processors (Please refer to list).

SGD 1.00SGD 1.00

Available CPU types : i5-7640X 4.00Ghz i5-7600K 3.80Ghz i5-6600K 3.50Ghz I5-4690K 3.50Ghz i5-7600 3.50Ghz i5-6600 3.30Ghz I5-4690 3.50Ghz i5-7500 3.40Ghz i5-6500 3.20Ghz I5-4590 3.30Ghz i5-7400 3.00Ghz i5-6400 2.70Ghz I5-4460 3.20Ghz i5-4670K 3.40Ghz i5-4670 3.40Ghz i5-4570 3.20Ghz i5-4440 3.10Ghz Do contact us for pricing and MOQ.

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