Samsung 32" WQHD Professional monitor (Model : S32D850T)

SGD 1,068.00SGD 1,099.00

Experience unbeatable picture quality with razor sharp resolution and billions of colors The SD850 has what it takes to provide truly superlative picture quality for your professional working needs. • WQHD: An advanced LED monitor resolution that gives you double the pixel density of Full HD, providing an unmatched visual experience that lets you see more details at a glance.  • sRGB 100%: Incredibly accurate color reproduction makes for the perfect match with sophisticated graphic design.  • 1.07 billion colors: With 64 times more colors than conventional monitors, the picture is smooth and natural. A professional ergonomic monitor for truly professional needs The advanced ergonomics of the SD850 allow you to maximize productivity in your professional work space conveniently and comfortably. Samsung’s unique HAS design lets you adjust the monitor height by 130mm to perfectly match your eye level. You can also a pivot, swivel, and tilt with ease, for quick adjusting and readjusting if you are working in groups, and change the perspective from horizontal to vertical. It even supports Auto OSD Rotation so you never have to change the aspect ratios when you want to pivot. Comes with 3 years warranty.

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