Samsung Tab Active 8.0-inches 16GB LTE

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CLEAN BILL OF HEALTH Fight infection control when you use Samsung's Tab Active to help improve patient outcomes. It has a sealed wipe clean screen, along with IP67 certification for dust and water ingress. This means you can confidently deploy modern mobile devices into your clinical and controlled environments.  As an essential part of your total workflow solution, the Samsung Tab Active's long battery life and ergonomic, lightweight design make this the ideal mobile tool for busy medical teams. Complex medical images can be clearly viewed on the high resolution screen. You can also assure the security of patient data by integration with Samsung’s defence-grade KNOX mobile security solution.  DONE AND DUSTED Modernise your working practices and increase productivity with a mobile device that’s up to the job. The Samsung Tab Active is IP67 certified for dust and water ingress. It's also drop tested to withstand tough construction industry conditions.  An 8-10 hour, long-lasting battery life and easily replaceable back-up battery deliver uninterrupted working. That means this rugged device provides access to real-time information for workers on the move or on site all day long. Managers can file timecards and daily reports from the field. Changes to drawings and other documents can be made on the spot. Samsung’s C-Pen stylus makes it easy for construction workers wearing gloves to stay protected when using the device. POWER PACKED Keep your field workers out on the road for longer with the Samsung Tab Active. Its 8-10 hour battery life is supplemented by an easily replaceable back-up battery for uninterrupted working. Responding to the pressure for real-time interactions with customers, colleagues, systems and information, this ruggedised device is compatible with back-end systems. This enables high-speed data access on the move.  With GPS tracking and an HD camera that can be used as a barcode scanner, this versatile device makes every second count for companies working on tight margins. It also meets the need for new technologies to deliver differentiated logistics services. Built for business, your Samsung Tab Active will drive a better customer experience by putting you in charge of your delivery supply chain.  WRITE SIDE OF THE LAW Bring your Total Technology strategy to life with the Samsung Tab Active. This user friendly mobile device offers new ways for officers to report information while out in the community. An 8-10 hour, long-lasting battery life is supplemented by an easily replaceable back-up battery for uninterrupted working. This keeps officers connected in real-time with apps, systems and data back at the station – no matter how long their shift. Officers wearing gloves can easily write or key in details using the Samsung C-Pen stylus. Drop it or use it in pouring rain, the Samsung Tab Active's anti-shock* covering and IP67 certification provide a ruggedised device your colleagues can depend on. It also offers options for protecting sensitive data using Samsung’s KNOX security solution. Ruggedised and anti-shock* With IP67 certification for water and dust ingress, the ability to withstand extremely high temperatures, and drop tested to 1.2 metres, the Samsung Tab Active is ideal for any field worker who needs to take their mobile device into harsh conditions.  Battery life Stay out and about longer with a long-lasting battery life of 8-10 hours for near continuous usage. The detachable battery is quick and easy to replace with a fresh battery, giving uninterrupted working. There's also a built-in POGO pin providing quick charging through docking stations without risk of damage to micro-USB connectors, enabling multi-device charging back at the office. C-Pen Give your mobile device users the ‘write stuff’ with Samsung’s robust C-Pen. Installed at the top of the protective Galaxy Tab Active cover, the C-Pen provides professionals who need to wear gloves with an alternative input option for writing/keying information. Non-slip coating exterior Hang on to your tablet with a firm grip, even in rough working conditions. Anti-shock Don't worry about drops or impacts in active business environments. With its included cover, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active is designed to handle drops of up to 1.2 meters (3.9 feet)*.  Comes with 1 year warranty. Approximately 2-4 weeks to arrive upon order.

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